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Full Name: Yas'min Kayy

Age: 17

Affiliation: The Queen's Knights Corporation

(Noir Sect Division)

Rank: 1111

Designation: Crusader Tech:// Knight

Humanoid Type: N'ESUFER-ATUM/NEO-SAPIEN Hybrid 

Yas'min is a 1ST year employee of The Queen's Knights Corporation, which protects the multi layered world known as "The Queen's Realm". Yas'min, along with her partner and best friend "Punch", are tasked with completing vital peace keeping missions as well as capturing individuals known as "Rogues", who carry out acts of discord within The Realm. Their operative team callsign is "THE Wandering Stars", and they are currently looking for any clues INto the whereabouts of an individual that they only know of as "The Black Scorpion", an elusive Rogue humanoid who mortally wounded their beloved Meister (teacher). 

Yas'min, one of the top graduates of The Squire Academy which trains young prospects to become Knights, is designated as a Crusader Tech:// Knight specializing in close quarter melee situations, but she ONLY wields her trusty "Deathbuster S(H.O.C.K.)" sword to protect others and herself. As a hybrid humanoid being, she is apart of the powerful N'esufer-atum Humanoid class, which suffers from stigmatization and discrimination throughout the Realm. She became a Knight to not only prove to the Realm that it's preconditioned fears about HER PEOPLE are wrong, but to change the realm for the better...not just the N'esufer-atum humanoids, but for all humanoids that need her help or are treated unfairly.  


YAS'MIN | KNIGHT: The Wandering Stars
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